Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The next Adventure

I have been so bad at updating my blog its not funny! Well now that im back after a year of a break from my blog im preparing for the next big Adventure which is heading of to OZ for at least a year travelling and doin a bit of work and then maybe settling down over there! This new adventure will not rule me out of returning to Kandersteg though as the big reunion is being held at christmas which i hope to still help out organising and also hope to attend but this will all depend on the aul bucks! The last few weeks have been slow as im not working but im slowly getting all my details together for the big move and cant wait now before i head of on the 16th of April. I hope this is not just a once of re-visit to my blog but i cant promise anything hopefully though i can start documenting more happenings in my (at the moment) very boring life!

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